Owning a car is a big responsibility, but it can also be a great excuse to buy some fun gadgets. While some accessories are purely cosmetic, these 11 gifts you can buy for your car will actually help to keep the vehicle safer and the driver more focused. They also make great gifts for new drivers or people who are celebrating the purchase of a new car. 

  1. Speed Radar Detector

Radar detectors offer great peace of mind to people who spend a lot of time on the road. The modern versions of this warning system are small, Bluetooth compatible, inexpensive, and even fun to use. Save profiles for different trips, use “dark mode” to dim the screen at night, and get alerts for both radar and laser use in the vicinity. For people who love gadgets and are interested in avoiding expensive speeding fines, the speed radar detector is a smart buy.


  1. Portable Jumper Starter Kit

Jumper Starter Kits used to be bulky and hard to handle. The newest generation of these necessary devices weigh in at less than a pound and fit neatly into a glove compartment. Lithium ion batteries make them light and user friendly. Some versions even have USB ports to charge other electronics. For people that own cars that are prone to dead batteries, this little device will save a lot of time and trouble. 


  1. Dash Cam

Even people who don’t aspire to YouTube fame use dash cams. These small cameras offer valuable information in the event of a crash. Gone are the days of relying on witness testimony and police reports. Look for a dash cam with low light capability, full HD video, and a micro SD card that holds at least 16GB. Insurance companies love dash cams, and some even offer discounts if you’ll use one. Video footage from the inside of the car when evaluating a crash scene is priceless.


  1. Blind Spot Mirrors

A blind spot mirror could help avoid unnecessary dents and dings by exposing the areas around the car that are nearly impossible to see from the interior. They are tiny, inexpensive, and effective. Adding one to a vehicle is as simple as sticking it to the existing side or rearview mirrors. 


  1. Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

It’s a situation no one wants to experience, but some car accidents come with an extra dose of drama when they involve deep water. In a sinking car, a driver has only seconds to react. Having a seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker within easy reach could save a life. 


  1. Drop Stop

End the frustration of losing small items down the tiny space between the edge of the seat and console with a drop stop. It fits any size gap and even works around a seatbelt. This ingenious invention ends the distraction of trying to retrieve a dropped phone when in motion, saves countless French fries, and prevents automobile owners from having to contort themselves to get their valuable possessions back from the depths of their car’s interior. 


  1. Trac Grabber

This simple traction solution helps a vehicle gain traction when stuck on ice, in mud, or in deep snow. The rubber track attaches to the visible side of two tires and works to lift the car onto stable ground on the first spin of the tires. This set is just eight inches wide and one inch deep, so they don’t take up much room. 

Getting stuck is never fun, but it may be a lot less painful with Trac Grabbers onboard. They are simple enough that any adult of average ability should be able to use them. They could also eliminate the long wait for a tow truck. In areas of the country where weather is sometimes severe, being able to get unstuck without help is a huge advantage. 


  1. Phone Mount

Fiddling with a cell phone while driving, or even while at a stop light is dangerous. A phone mount will keep the phone front and center so when there’s an incoming call or the driver needs to glance at the GPS they can do so without looking down at the phone. Ideally, a cell phone mount will accommodate other electronic devices, be compatible with several types of vehicles, and be mobile. Be careful to choose a mount that doesn’t block an air vent, as blowing hot air directly on a cell phone for long periods of time can cause damage. 


  1. Magnetic Spare Key Case

Locking the keys in the car or losing them can ruin a perfectly good day. Keep an extra set in a magnetic spare key case for those times when accidents or absentmindedness take control. When choosing a spare key case, look for one in flat black with a strong magnet. 


  1. Trash Can

Keep bits of trash off of the car’s floor with a trash can specially designed for use in a vehicle. Many car trash receptacles double as car organizers, so it’s easy to choose one that’s a good fit for any car. 

People who love their cars appreciate inventive and sought-after gadgets that help them stay organized, avoid accidents, and remain safe on the road. As technology advances and complicated electronics become less expensive, buying a few car accessories and related gifts is a great way to win over the car-lover on your gift list. 


  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

While all vehicles sold in the United States after the 2007 model year are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as mandated by federal law, the same is not true for vehicles sold in Canada. To keep tabs on the health and wellbeing of the tires, consider a TPMS system. An aftermarket TPMS measures the pressure and temperature of the tires. The system includes a monitoring display that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and four sensors that attach to the tires. 



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